On CalcTree, you can hide calculation complexity when creating easy-to-use calculation templates or design reports by allowing the source to power the page. Whenever you want, you can still view the source to verify the calculation logic on the page.

Accessing the Source Viewer

There's a few ways you can see the source added to a page.
  1. Click on the source name from the Integrations panel.
  1. Click any parameter, then click on the icon on the right of the 'Source' field
This will immediately open the Source Viewer.

Following parameters

You can quickly vet the calculation logic by clicking on any page parameter. This will automatically take you to the relevant section in the source.

View in action👇

To turn this feature on/off, click on the 'Follow parameters' toggle on the right side of the Source Viewer toolbar.

Mapping parameters

Learn more about mapping parameters from sources to pages: