Welcome! Calculating generator load current is an important task that ensures that your generator runs at an optimal level and is not overloaded. This is important for maintaining the safety and efficiency of your generator system.
This page will enable you to calculate the generator load current using the following:
  1. Generator-rated power (VA)
  2. Line-to-line voltage (V)
  3. Power factor (Cos θ)


⬇️ Inputs



Cos θ (PF)

⬆️ Outputs


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The generator load current is the amount of electrical current being drawn from a generator at a given moment. It is typically measured in amperes (A) and is a key factor in determining the efficiency and safety of a generator system.
The load current of a generator is directly related to the power output of the generator. The higher the load current, the more power the generator produces. However, if the load current becomes too high, it can cause the generator to become overloaded, which can lead to reduced efficiency, overheating, and even damage to the generator.


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