In our quest for sustainability, we often focus on preserving the physical world we inhabit and living ecologically responsibly. And we should, without question. However, in my time as CEO at CalcTree, where we're helping to fast-track sustainable designs through a modern calculation management platform, I've come to believe that true sustainability goes beyond keeping our existence on Earth intact. It extends to our long-term survival as a species. This realization begs the question: Should we consider a multi-planetary existence to ensure the sustained well-being of humanity in the face of inevitable changes within our galaxy?

Expanding the horizons of sustainability

Sustainability, from a human perspective, encompasses not only the preservation of Earth but also the exploration of alternative habitats. While there is an ongoing debate about allocating resources and investments to maintain Earth's existence versus the deep costs of space exploration, it is quite possibly prudent to maintain research and investment across both tracks. By doing so, we may secure our long-term survival, even in the face of potential threats to arise on a single planet.

Acknowledging our historical impact

I recognize that historically, humanity's impact on the world around us has been mixed. While we have achieved remarkable progress, there are instances where we have fallen short of positively influencing our environment. The cynic in me questions whether our continued existence is warranted. However, the optimist in me believes we possess the potential to transcend these limitations and make a profound positive impact when we operate from a place of heightened consciousness. And this evolution of consciousness is already in motion.

The innate drive to care

I believe that deep within human existence lies an innate driver—an inherent desire to love, care, and protect all beings and things. As we tap into this primal force, we discover our mission, which extends beyond our immediate surroundings. Our potential is vast, and we have the ability to act as guardians of the galaxy (it feels funny to be quoting the title of a Marvel movie), caring not only for all life on Earth but also beyond.
guardians of the galaxy

An inspiring future

Imagine a future where humanity takes up the role of caretakers through an embodied sense of 'one-ness', acting as stewards of the broader universe. Such a future is indeed inspiring. It presents an opportunity to contribute to the greater cosmic tapestry, fostering a sense of purpose and meaning for generations to come.

The role of technology

To pave the way towards a multi-planetary existence, we must acknowledge technology's crucial role in solving complex engineering problems. As a company deeply committed to sustainability and progress, we at CalcTree are excited to collaborate with and support the space industry. By providing a platform for creating and collaborating on complex engineering calculations, we aim to contribute to advancing space exploration by enabling engineers across disciplines to share innovations.

Join us on the journey

If you are actively involved in the field of space exploration, we invite you to join us on this journey. CalcTree is here to support you with our calculation management platform to assist in solving the intricate engineering problems ahead of us.
As the African proverb goes: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We believe the path towards a sustainable and multi-planetary future requires unprecedented collaboration, including an open-source ethos in the traditional engineering profession.
While history may present a mixed record, we have the power to positively impact the world around us when we tap into our innate drive to care. Let us embrace our role as guardians of the galaxy, and together, create an inspiring future where humanity flourishes on Earth and beyond.