If you’re an Investment Analyst, Associate, Principal, or Partner, you’ll want to know who the existing backers are of a startup. It’s part of building conviction. We’ve written this article detailing the investors who’ve come on board.
At the end of this article, we outline precisely how you can reach us and the expected next steps to quickly determine whether CalcTree is a potential fit for your investment thesis.
We avoid cold starts where we can, which means attending to something before it hits the ‘Important / Urgent’ quadrant. This is part of the culture we’re creating at CalcTree, which you can read more about here. Our preference is to build investor relationships well ahead of time where trust grows by following our updates and milestones.

Current investors

Below is a spotlight on some of the investors we’re proud to have onboard. In addition to those listed, we’re equally pleased to have a network of investors with the right mix of expertise covering the various dimensions of building a successful startup. We’ve enjoyed going on the journey together, learning from them, and getting support when required.
Foundamental VC
Right from the start, we felt an investment from Foundamental made sense due to their strong understanding of PLG startups in the built environment. In this article, we explain why we believe the contech space needs more product-led growth startups.
Foundamental's impressive portfolio includes startups like Speckle, Snaptrude, Rayon, Alice, Enter, Infra.Market and many more. Many of them have gone on to raise funds from top tier global VCs (Accel, a16z, Insight, etc.) in following rounds, so we’re excited to be in such great company!
“CalcTree's platform revolutionizes the workflows of engineering calculations, enabling real-time collaboration between cross-functional teams and democratizing knowledge access for AEC professionals across the globe. We are grateful to CalcTree and the team for choosing us as their partner on their journey.” Shub Bhattacharya, General Partner, Foundamental.
Suffolk Technologies VC
The venture investment affiliate of Suffolk Construction ranked #23 on the Engineering News Record list of “Top 400 Contractors", with $4.5 billion in annual revenue and 2,400 employees. Through our partnership, we're creating a strong platform to kick off our entrance into the U.S.
“Collaboration during the construction process is still very inefficient, exacerbated by a lack of tools that address the unique needs of industry stakeholders. CalcTree’s product is transforming collaboration and efficiency of engineering teams globally.” Diana Swenton, VP, Venture Capital, Suffolk Technologies.
Antler VC
An early-stage global VC and startup incubator where exceptional people build incredible companies. We were fortunate to receive our first check from Antler and incredible coaching from their brain trust of advisors.
Sean McCreanor (Co-founder & CEO, Assignar)
Highly experienced, connected, and capable construction tech founder and serial entrepreneur. Recently raised Assignar’s Series B (over $20M USD), adding Tiger Global Management, Fifth Wall, Ironspring Capital, Second Quarter Ventures (which includes Aconex founders Leigh Jasper and Rob Phillpot as LPs), and other notable VCs onto the cap table. Sean is an LP in a number of venture funds, both in the US and Australia. The most recent direct contech investments are Mastt (series A) and Sarus Lifting. On the board of several companies, providing founders with coaching support on product management, go-to-market, US market expansion, raising capital, governance, structure, and more.
“In the midst of a tech revolution in the construction industry, CalcTree is providing a platform for automated engineering calculations that has been done manually since the beginning of time. Not only that, but solving it in a way that enables cross-functional collaboration is truly necessary and revolutionary.”
Marko Tomic (Co-founder & CTO, Assignar)
Seasoned tech leader and founder. Built Assigner from scratch into a globally leading construction tech software company. With 8 years as the CTO of Assignar, Marko now has a wealth of knowledge in the contech space. He also regularly contributes to publications and articles about construction technology. He has a proven track record of helping startups achieve scale by finding their Product Market Fit and choosing scalable and modern technologies that support sustainable growth.
Nick Niknam (Regional Director, Bentley)
Currently an enterprise GTM leader at Bentley, one of the world's largest infrastructure engineering software companies. Prior to that, Nick was the Global Business Development and Channel Manager at Arup (a global top-tier engineering design firm), responsible for market and business development for engineering products and services in the Software Technology Group.
Adam Walmsley (Account Executive, Autodesk)
With a structural engineering background, Adam was previously a practicing engineer and BIM manager. Now at Autodesk, the largest engineering software company in the world, Adam works closely with engineering teams to improve their digital design and engineering practices. We look forward to continuing tapping into his insights on the gaps and opportunities he sees for CalcTree from his vantage point and experience.
Ajoy Krishnamoorthy (CPO, Ungerboeck)
Enterprise software executive with a strong business and tech background. Previously Chief Strategy Officer at Acumatica and Head of Product Management and Planning at Microsoft. At Acumatica, Ajoy led the growth of their platform into the construction industry, which ended up being a significant part of their revenue portfolio. He regularly helps startups with their product/market fit, SaaS pricing, and GTM approach. LP in a fund, angel investor, and steering committee member of a fund to scout early-stage investments. Invested in startups across multiple industries including fintech, ESG, and construction. Sits on the board of contech platform Omnidek.
Jon Abitz (Co-founder & CTO, Stealth-stage Startup)
Previously Co-founder and CTO at Stake which recently completed a $90 million Series A funding from Tiger Global and DST Global Partners. Also previously CTO at Fusion Labs (acquired by Deloitte) and angel investor in FL0.com. Seasoned technology leader offering mentoring and advice on building a globally scalable platform and tech team.
Jon Moodie (CEO, Allied Finance)
Seasoned business leader, active angel investor, and ex Executive Director at Macquarie. An investor in a number of different technology companies in various early stages. These include companies involved in manufacturing tech, asset monitoring tech, carbon offset, blockchain, and fintech. Previously started and sold his own company and understands the effort and commitment it takes to succeed.
Nima Montazeri (Head of Product, Babylon)
Babylon is one of Europe’s largest HealthTechs with over 1,000+ staff. Nima's role at Babylon is to scale the product and launch it in 15 countries, taking it to $1B ARR. Previously Head of Tech for Thoughtworks Ventures, where he advised many startups on their product and tech strategy. Investments in early-stage startups include Monzo, Deliveroo, Wrisk, and City Falcon.
Gavin Preston (Managing Director, BTC)
Has worked in venture capital for over a decade, from fund management to advisory and capital raising. Once MD for a biotech company, also an angel investor in early-stage companies. Recent investments include Urban.io, Mother Labs, Vyro, and Our Leg Up.

Next round details

To reiterate, we aim to build high-trust, long-term relationships with VCs who want to back our journey. Starting now, so they have the time to get a solid grasp of our vision and the team behind it.
We know what metrics to focus on for our next round, and we’re laser-focused on hitting them.
Here’s what we’re looking for from potential incoming VCs:
  1. Product-led: Our product has potent features that allow it to become embedded in customers’ workflows quickly. We’re looking for investors who have experience with product-led growth (PLG) B2B SaaS startups.
  2. Global: We want to take the nuanced competitive advantage we’ve developed in our product and team and supercharge it. As such, we’re excited to find investors who have a proven global reach and have successfully worked with companies who’ve traversed the ‘international scale’ path before.
  3. Networked: We see CalcTree being a ubiquitous platform amongst engineers across disciplines. Creating a buzz amongst engineers in the industries we systemically target will help accelerate our market penetration. Engagement and endorsement from influential industry leaders are one of the multiple strategies we’ll deploy. We’d love to partner with VCs who are networked with influencers and leading brands in our industry.

Get in touch 📩

If you’ve liked what you’ve read so far and want to know more, here are the next steps to follow:
  1. Email: Reach us by emailing invest@calctree.com
  2. Read: We’ll send you further details about CalcTree, including our Pre-seed Pitch deck and product demo video.
  3. Schedule: You can then decide whether you’d like to organize an initial 30min Google Meet meeting with Onur, our CEO, using our Calendly link.
  4. Meet: This initial meeting intends to give you an insight into the way we think and an update on our next fundraising round.
  5. Update: We can put you on our prospective investor mailing list if you're still interested in following our journey. We send an engaging and detailed update every two months. You can unsubscribe anytime.
  6. Re-engage: We’ll use our email updates to signal when the time is right to get in touch again about our next fundraising round.
We hope you enjoyed this update and look forward to hearing from you.‍