CalcTree parameters are the key building blocks for any calculations you wish to build into your pages. Parameters will display the title and value automatically. If there is a unit selected this will be displayed also.
  1. Hover over the parameter to see more information. This information includes its title, value, formula, and which page the parameter is from.


  1. Add a new parameter to your page, use the "/parameter" command. Once you have added the parameter to the page, the parameter title will be highlighted so you can immediately give your parameter an appropriate title.

View in action👇

🎉 Now your parameter is ready for multiple options to meet your needs!

Give more context with:

  1. Units Add a unit to your parameter to give more context to the parameter. In the "Unit" input you can either search for the unit you're looking for or use the menu to navigate through all available units.
  1. Number Formatting Use the "Select Format" menu to select the format that your parameter will follow. The available options include General, Number, Percentage, Scientific, and Currency.
  1. Decimal Places You can set the desired number of decimal places for the parameter to follow.
  1. Description You can optionally add a description to your parameter to let other users know any key information about the parameter without cluttering your page.

Interactive example👇

Depth (mm)

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