Engineers want to optimize their calculations to produce the most efficient designs possible. CalcTree is a platform to help them succeed. We let engineers transform tools they already love into intelligent, trusted calculations. Allowing teams to work more efficiently and consistently without leaving their comfort zones.
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  1. Engineers make repetitive calculations daily. These are created in isolation, often duplicating efforts across different teams and offices. They face fragmented and isolated toolsets, disconnected calculations, and endless scenario analyses.
  2. The cost of errors made by an engineer adds up quickly on projects. Design cycle lag and calculation errors at the desk can cost up to 14% of the project value. With the average infrastructure project costing billions, the impact is staggering. No engineer wants to be the one to make a costly error.
  3. We want to help engineers be safer and more effective by changing how we design buildings. Through better workflow and IP management, CalcTree minimizes time wasted and errors at the desk. Improving how the sector tackles complex projects.

What’s the problem we’re solving?

Complex processes, misaligned stakeholder groups, and resource constraints make the design difficult. But fragmented software, staff turnover, and regulations make it almost impossible to innovate.
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  1. For the sector, this results in errors and wasted time & resources. For engineers, its frustration, stress, and asymmetric liability exposure.
  2. While current technology solutions have focused on creating isolated tools and ecosystems. This takes design power and freedom away from engineers. To overcome this, engineers are forced to break the intended processes of these tools. This is a slow process and drives fragmentation and confusion in the design.
  3. The fundamental issues created here ripple throughout a project. The data fragmentation and calculation misalignment cause errors and missed information. This erodes the accuracy of decision-making and can cause high-consequence mistakes.

How we’re fixing this

CalcTree integrates engineers' preferred design methods into robust calculation blocks. This allows teams to build verified repositories of tools and workflows. These blocks are indexed and tagged allowing them to stay in sync across projects and teams.
CalcTree lets users adjust and string blocks together to quickly create advanced designs while still achieving rigorous QA. This unleashes engineers to focus on actual design while CalcTree takes care of everything else.
  1. For engineers, this means more time designing and less time searching for, verifying, and re-building calculations.
  2. For firms, this means better IP management, simplified yet more rigorous QA, and better staff utilization.
  3. For projects, this means reduced design cycle lag, more consistent project data, and, critically, fewer errors.

Meet the founders

Onur, Tim, and Mahan make up CalcTree's VC-backed founding team. They have a unique set of experiences and skills in tech, product, and construction, making them the perfect team to tackle this challenge.
Onur Our CEO, Onur, is a veteran product leader with experience at Archistar and many other leading Australian startups.
He wants to help engineers overcome data fragmentation and spend more time creating amazing designs. Fragmentation "between digital representations and reality drive confusion on projects". CalcTree is a way to stop this.

Tim CalcTree's COO, Tim, has lived through this problem as a structural engineer and digital leader at Arup. He's "seen it countless times; at every turn, we reinvent the wheel the quality of design suffers".
He sees CalcTree as the solution to this problem. And this drives him to apply his passion for engineering design and efficiency to make it a reality.

Mahan Our CTO, Mahan, is a trained Geotechnical engineer and software developer. He has over ten years of experience in the construction sector across the globe. He has a strong desire to overcome the disconnection between construction and underlying calculations.
He's shocked at "how engineering reports and drawings become disconnected from underlying calculations." This disconnection causes design and safety errors time and time again. For him, CalcTree is the solution to this problem.