At CalcTree, we’re building a business where technical excellence and culture are at the core of our values. Particularly in a hybrid working business, we know how important work-life balance (WLB) is for the team. Building a culture that supports this has been a key objective from day one.
In the construction sector, this attitude is not the norm, however. So for me, moving to a startup from a consulting engineering firm, the approaches and attitudes we’ve fostered in CalcTree have been new and inspiring.
After building CalcTree for a year now, I’ve realized how important WLB is to build a sustainable and healthy relationship with work personally and for the team. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of building CalcTree, but our concerted effort to put WLB front and center has been key to staying healthy and happy.
So it was a pretty awesome surprise to be asked by the team at Balance the Grind to interview me about my experiences with WLB while building CalcTree. In the interview, I talk about what WLB means to me and how I balance my personal life with the demands of building a startup. In particular, there are some interesting points regarding how CalcTree’s flexibility helps support me!

Check out the interview here!