When you upload a spreadsheet to one of your pages, CalcTree will automatically identify any cells that may be inputs or outputs for a calculation as well as any tables or charts that exist in the spreadsheet. This guide covers the automapping of individual cells to native CalcTree parameters, check out these guides for tables and charts.


  1. Simply upload your spreadsheet and the rest will be done for you!
  2. We will identify titles for inputs and outputs from your spreadsheet automatically. If a suitable title is not found, the parameter will simply be titled and numbered, e.g. "Input (1)" or "Output (1)"
  3. Drag-and-drop mapped parameters onto the page.

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Manual mapping

If an important input or output from your spreadsheet was not identified by the auto-mapping process, it can be manually mapped from the CalcTree spreadsheet viewer!
  1. To manually map a parameter, open the CalcTree native spreadsheet viewer by clicking on your desired spreadsheet on the right-hand side menu.
  1. Once the native viewer is open, click on the cell you would like to map, you will then see a green button with a white "+" on it. This button will map that value to a parameter and add it to the page for you!

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