On this page, we're looking at spheres! Not only is this a sphere volume calculator, it will also calculate sphere surface area, double trouble!
A sphere is a geometrical object, a three-dimensional counterpart of a two-dimensional circle. It is defined as the set of points in three-dimensional space equidistant from a given point, known as the sphere's centre, with a radius denoted by 'r.'
The sphere surface area calculator and sphere volume calculator will use these basic geometry principles in their determination.


⬇️ Inputs

Radius (r)

⬆️ Outputs

Surface Area (A)

Volume (V)

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Finding the volume of a sphere and calculating the surface area is as simple as using the below equations.
  1. Surface Area
The surface area of a sphere is calculated by:

  1. Volume
The volume of a sphere is calculated by:


Sphere surface area and volume explanation

Let's find the surface area of a sphere of radius 7cm!

Radius (cm)

Surface Area (m^2)