Welcome to our water round tank volume calculator!
Water tanks are containers used to store water for various applications, including drinking, irrigation, fire suppression, agriculture, chemical manufacturing, and food preparation.
There are several types of water tanks, including chemical contact, ground, and elevated water tanks. Each type of tank is designed to meet a specific need or purpose. Water tanks provide a reliable source of water for everyday use.
This page calculates the volume, capacity and weight of a tank based on the provided input.
Below, we provide inputs for a cylindrical tank, with a circular base. If you want to use a different base shape, copy over some of our calculations for 2D shapes here, and replace AB!


⬇️ Inputs


Tank depth (DT)

Contents density (kg/m3)

⬆️ Outputs

Base area, (AB)

Tank volume (VT)

Tank capacity (QT)

Full tank weight (WT)



Water round tank volume calculator

🌊 Common fluid reference densities

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