Welcome to our 3-Phase Power calculation template! This page will enable you to calculate a power value for real, apparent and reactive power in kW, kVA and kVAR units. You will need to know either the line voltage or phase voltage, the phase current/line current and the power factor. Let's begin!
Figure 1: How industrial and household appliances utilise 3-Phase Power


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Cos θ (PF)

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Three-phase power is a common electrical power transmission method used for high-power applications, such as in power plants, factories, and commercial and residential buildings. In a three-phase system, three alternating current (AC) voltages are generated with a fixed phase difference of 120 degrees between them and are transmitted along three separate conductors. Three-phase systems have several advantages over single-phase systems, including more efficient power transmission, reduced transmission losses, and reduced cost of electrical equipment.


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