One of the best ways to land your dream job is to intern, sooner rather than later. Pressures on businesses drive employers to find ways to get value from hires sooner. Away to get value sooner is to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and career skills through internships. And the best places for engineers to intern are at engineering tech startups like CalcTree!

"It’s because of CalcTree that I got this job… I was talking to my manager, and he was saying he had to pick between me and someone else, and it was completely even. But he chose me because of the skills I learnt during the CalcTree internship”
💬 Kenny Kim, Graduate engineer, SMEC
In this article, we’re going to unpack:
  1. Benefits of an internship at CalcTree
  2. Types of internships and tasks available
  3. What a day in the life of an intern looks like

Benefits of an internship at CalcTree

Prolific tech investor Marc Andreessen famously once said, “Software is eating the world.” It’s true, wherever software can drive greater efficiencies, it will. Therefore, remaining relevant means working at the intersection of tech and the built world. In our view, it’s the best position to find yourself as a budding engineer.
Sitting at this intersection exposes you to new ways of tackling problems. You can bring these innovations into your company to help increase productivity and efficiency. Doing so means you are quickly seen as an innovator and influencer in your own organisation, which only accelerates your career development.
In fact, there's no better time to be working at this intersection than now. See more in our article: Contech is the new fintech: Why it's time to get in!
This brings us to why interning at CalcTree is such a rare and valuable opportunity. Firstly, it's not easy creating and bringing genuine, game-changing innovations to market. Most startups fail to do so. We won't pretend we've dodged that bullet, but we're pretty confident CalcTree is on a path to making a mark in the traditional engineering market. For you, that means deep exposure to innovations coming to your profession and playing a direct role in building that innovation. As they say, the early bird catches the worm; couldn't be truer in this case.
In short, CalcTree offers you a unique view into your industry. Where it is today, where it's heading and where you can make the greatest impact. Read more about the difference CalcTree wants to make in engineering heavy industries here: CalcTree's mission - Bringing engineering, designs and calculations together.
“As an intern at CalcTree, I learnt so many valuable skills and enriched my general engineering knowledge. It genuinely advanced my career and opened doors that otherwise would have remained closed as an engineering graduate.”
💬 May Tran, Structural Engineering Intern, WSP

Types of internships and what to expect

From time to time, CalcTree offers internships across all major engineering disciplines, such as:
  1. Civil
  2. Mechanical
  3. Electrical
  4. Chemical
  5. Software
The nature of work completed during an internship changes according to the priorities of the business. It typically comes with a healthy exposure to lots of different parts of the business like:
  1. Technical tasks, like calculation creation and programming
  2. People management tasks, like project coordination and presenting
  3. Startup tasks, like content creation, product design and growth experiments

“The ACE industry is ripe with momentum when it comes to committing to innovation and sustainability. For me, the most exciting thing about working at CalcTree is that I have the opportunity to anchor my learning with real work that’s tooth and nail with these disruptors in the industry.”
💬 Vladimir Jovanovic, Commercial Graduate, Lendlease

Day in the life of an intern at CalcTree

Working at a startup involves a lot of self-drive and ownership of outcomes. At CalcTree, you won’t have a manager who prepares a list of things for you to do every morning. You make up your own list of work. You know what the project is that you’re on, but it’s up to you to figure out how to get it done. We’ll still work closely with you to ensure your plan is solid and that you get the support and guidance you need to succeed, but ultimately we want you to take pride in owning your work.
Interning at CalcTree exposes you to lean, agile ways of working. Through daily standups, sprint planning and retros to reflect on how we improve how we work. In an increasingly changing and complex world, these ways of working will help you become a professional who is adaptable and capable of leading in the face of uncertainty.

“Interning at CalcTree provided me the opportunity to work on and have a genuine impact on projects that are at the cutting edge of integrating engineering and technology. This allowed me to develop technical skills in a wide range of engineering disciplines, as well as leadership and project management skills.”
💬 Kale Morrow, Mechanical Engineering Graduate, CalcTree

CalcTree is a hybrid company, meaning team members can work from anywhere they like. Sometimes we’re in an office, sometimes at home and sometimes in a completely different country.
The way we work at CalcTree is best summarised through our values:
‍We care about creating an engineering-led culture. A place where pragmatic intelligence is valued. Check out this article for: A window into CalcTree’s values and culture.

Get in touch!

Most CalcTree interns have gone on to secure roles in top-tier engineering firms like WSP, LendLease and more! We love being part of their career progression and are excited to work with future engineering leaders.
If an internship at CalcTree excites you, then check out our LinkedIn page to see if we have any intern roles open. Alternatively, reach out via our contact page. Be sure to share why you’d like to join and what difference you’d like to make to the lives of engineers (as well as your own) through an internship at CalcTree.

What is CalcTree, we hear you say?

We’re a venture-backed ConstructionTech startup, soon to launch the world’s first multi-disciplinary calculation management platform. We help you ensure data, designs, and calculations are always in sync. Freeing you to spend more time creating innovative, sustainable, and modern designs.