This calculation tool is designed to help you quickly and accurately determine the hydraulic depth of a flowing body of water.

Calculation (Froude's Number)

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V1 (m/s)


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Fr1 (1)

Calculation (Hydraulic depth)

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D2 (1)

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The Froude number, Fr, is a dimensionless value that describes different flow regimes of open channel flow. The Froude number is a ratio of inertial and gravitational forces.
It's used in fluid dynamics to measure the relative importance of gravity and inertia forces in a flow. The Froude Number can range from 0 to infinity, with 0 representing a flow with no inertia and infinity representing a flow with no gravity.

The Froude number is calculated as the ratio of the inertial force of the flow to the gravitational force of the flow.



The hydraulic depth can be solved by rearranging the formula to solve for flow depth. This is shown below: