Over the last six months, we've been building CalcTree with Antler.
It’s hard to believe that an idea generated over copious zoom calls during a global pandemic has now turned into a legit company with backing from an amazing global VC.
A big shoutout to Bede, Warrick, Laura, Sam and Natasha, and the entire Antler team for supporting and guiding us through this journey!!
Antler undertakes hundreds of hours of due diligence and extensive research before making an investment decision. Their backing is a huge vote of confidence for our mission and our vision. We’re super excited to use the capital to accelerate our next stage of growth!
Also, a big thank you to everyone we’ve interviewed to date. We do appreciate you taking the time to work with us and help shape CalcTree. The platform we have cooking is a game-changer and every one of you had a part to play in that - thank you!

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We’re currently deep in product and tech development, building out the CalcTree platform, so keep an eye out for our beta launch in 2022!! 🚀