We’re providing engineers with a calculation management platform to help wrangle data across projects. We want to help you organize and leverage calculations and designs like never before. Helping you build and share your creations faster and smarter.
The drive to adopt BIM (Building Information Model) above all else has left other data types and many user groups behind. We want to create a world where all data sets are connected and easily accessible. That way all engineers can finally reap the benefits of our sector's rapid digitization.
To do this, CalcTree should…

Break down data silos and help users find things easier

We acknowledge that traditional engineering drawings, spreadsheets, and documents are effective tools for analysis and design. The last thing we want to do is try and replace these. Rather, we want to enrich and make them work better at scale.
In CalcTree, your designs, calculations, and reports are on the same page, so you'll never lose control or misplace critical information. The platform integrates and synchronizes with your existing tools and workflows and then gives you the power to easily manage and search them.

Be integration led and play nice with others

You, your team, your company, and even the jurisdiction you practice in have different rules, requirements, and preferences. This means you need a wide range of tools to complete projects. CalcTree embraces this variance and allows you, and anyone you’re working with to create across the tools you know and trust, whilst easily stringing them together as needed.
As we grow and build more and more integrations, we’ll let our users drive the conversation and focus our efforts on what they want.

Empower creators and enable real collaboration

We, engineers, are creators at heart. We take pride in our work, our designs, and the objects we create. At CalcTree we celebrate this and want to build an ecosystem that supports creators to share, collaborate and build on each other’s designs.
This means enabling real-time collaboration is critical. Being cloud-based and integration-led means CalcTree will facilitate a digital ecosystem, where users can freely share their work, and where live contributions are possible.

And be easy for everyone to use

CalcTree will be a ‘no code’ web application, meaning you won’t need to be a software engineer to use it, making it user-friendly for the less technical amongst us. However, with the platform’s API, more technical users are still empowered to automate complex workflows to their heart's content. Making it easy for everyone to work together at speed.
It’s still the early days for CalcTree, and we have a lot to learn. But it’s clear to us that the industry is ready to move beyond point solutions. It’s time for tools that help engineers glue things together so they can innovate and collaborate faster.