We're investing $100k in our creators!

We created the CalcTree Creator Fund, setting aside $100,000 USD to enable you to build Calculation, Project and Design templates to be seen and used by engineering teams worldwide.

What types of ideas get funded?

1. Calculation templates

Civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, or financial calculations.
engineering calculation templates
engineering project templates

2. Project templates

Estimation, quoting, inspection or other productivity-enhancing template ideas!

3. Design packs

Link parameters between calculations and source types to create comprehensive design packs!
Engineering design packs
The most important criteria are a clear target audience and a complete solution built on CalcTree to solve a specific problem.

What do we provide?

  1. 💰 Funding - Get paid to build & promote your creations
  1. 🌏 Community - Connect with other creators to get feedback
  1. 📣 Promotion - Support with promoting your idea

What are the steps?

If you haven't yet, sign up to CalcTree to understand the possibilities, then...


1/ Submit an idea
Submit your idea via the button below


2/ Talk to CalcTree
Chat with the CalcTree team about your plans


3/ Build & Launch
Once accepted, it's time to start building!


Why should I get involved?

What types of ideas get funded?

What is the funding criteria?

Can I get funding for something I’ve already built?

How much can I make via the Creator Fund?

Does CalcTree own anything I create as a result of the funding?

When can I expect to hear back on an idea I proposed?

When will I get paid?

What if I have a question that isn’t covered here?